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Program Mission

Provide services from an avant-garde an integral perspective to children and their families creating community alliances, sensitive cultural diversity, and reaffirming our commitment with society. 


Puerto Rican Family Institute, Inc., aspires to transform the life of children, families, and communities on a positive manner that would transcend and impact to multiple levels of our society.

Program Goals


We will maintain a governance, administrative, fiscal, and human resources system that will provide management, efficiency, and continuous supervision that would promote high quality service providing and continuous improvement.


We will increase children’s achievement significantly from birth until five years of age through caring relationships and nurturing, learning experiences that promote enjoyment, and development of values and building of knowledge to be successful in the future. 


We will develop and strengthen significant links between personnel and families to promote the empowerment of the parents as educators for life to their children, through providing support, upbringing strategies, and opportunities that would allow them to perform on a responsible manner, and would train them to be secure adults, sensitive, and successful.



We will promote daily attendance of all the children on a positive manner for them to achieve success in school.  


Develop a variety of innovative strategies that ensures sustainability of the program’s enrollment.  


We will maintain a culture of safety providing positive learning environments where the children will reach an optimum development of their capabilities with the support and collaboration of families and the community.  


We will provide families with access to health services, dental-medical, nutrition, and mental health services that would contribute to maintain children’s and their family’s wellbeing. 

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The kids future, is in our hands.

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