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    The Center-Based Program is based on respect and support for each child’s developmental needs, interests, and cultural background. The education department offers developmentally appropriate learning experiences that foster each child’s intellectual, social and emotional growth that supports school readiness, and identification of learning challenges. At the Center, teachers, staff and volunteers provide quality care for children from three to five years old in a safe and child-centered classroom environment. The program is inclusive of special needs services and encourages the recruitment of children with special needs and with identified Individual Education Plan (IEP), and Individual Family Education Plan (IFSP). There are nine classrooms in the center and children attend the program full-time from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to volunteer on a regular basis. .
    Families have an important role in their children’s education. Parents are the first and most important teacher in a child’s life. PRFI/Bronx Head Start services are focused on the entire family unit. Family Advocates assist each family in identifying their goals, strengths, resources and the services that will support them in reaching their own objectives. Empowering families in our program is vital to the success of their child’s development, school readiness and overall family’s well- being.
    Health services at the Bronx Head Start program ensures that all children have routine preventive and primary health services conducted by the child’s Health Providers to determine if each child has an ongoing source of medical and dental care and to make a determination if child is up to date on an Early Periodic Screening and Diagnosis treatment program (EPDST.) In collaboration with each parents and guardians, each child receives upon enrollment an age appropriate sensory (hearing and vision) screenings within forty- five days of entry.
    The Head Start Program utilizes mental health professionals to provide support to children, families and staff through classroom visits, observations, referrals and professional training.
    The Bronx Head Start program offers nutrition services that are culturally and developmentally appropriate, assess each child’s nutritional status and develop an eating plan that is conducive to each child’s needs. Three meals are provided daily: breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Seasonal cycle menus are developed that conform to the needs of the participating children.
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